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Color your way through Ascension

ascension parish coloring book

Ascension Parish Tourism Commission partnered with Ascension Parish Schools to create “Color Your Way Through Ascension”, a coloring book designed for 3rd graders as a fun activity to learn about history, culture and food in Ascension Parish. The coloring book will also be used as a marketing tool for tourism events and festivals. On November 17th, the coloring book was revealed to Pecan Grove Primary students. Over 2000 coloring books and crayons will be distributed to all 3rd graders in Ascension Parish. The coloring pages in this book were hand drawn by students in Ms. Jeannine Dixon’s Art Class at East Ascension High School. These 4 seniors, Breanna Bercegeay, Dylan Aubert, Scott Bonnette and Austin Thomason worked so hard and their drawings are truly what make this coloring book so special. We would like to thank Ms. Dixon and her students for their contribution to this project. Thank you also to Ms. Rebekah Norwood, 3rd grade teacher at Pecan Grove Primary, for providing the 3rd grade level descriptions for each picture. Many thanks goes to the Ascension Parish School Board, Superintendent David Alexander, Directory of Primary Schools Elizabeth Stafford, Public Information Officer Jackie Tisdell, and Ascension Parish Tourism Chairman Anita Cann for all of your help and support in making this very special project come to life.


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