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River Road Plantations

Houmas House and Gardens

houmasRelive the magnificent plantation era with a visit to our Greek Revival Mansion built in 1840. Houmas House is home to wonderful stories of sugar cane farming on the grandest scale, Civil War history, period furnishings of early Louisiana craftsmanship, significant movie settings and formal gardens beneath 200-year-old moss-laden live oaks.

Houmas House is so much more than just a tour of a grand antebellum estate. Experience the southern splendor of “The Sugar Palace” when you step into 16 rooms filled with period antiques and Louisiana artwork.  Stay all day and enjoy 38 lush acres of gardens, ponds and a majestic live oak alley.  Relax with a refreshing mint julep, enjoy the breeze off the Mississippi River.  Embrace the Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road at your own pace and experience our hospitality as a welcomed guest.

40136 Highway 942
Darrow (Burnside), LA 70725
Contact: Kevin Kelly
Phone: 225-473-9380
Fax: 225-473-7891

Admission: Yes
Hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 8pm; French Guided Tour held daily at 11:40am
Last tour: 7:00pm

Videos of Houmas House



Bocage Plantation

BocagePlantationBocage Plantation was designed by famous architect James Dakin and built in 1837. It is steeped in history with ties to Christopher Columbus, early colonization, and the Louisiana Purchase. Well documented in many books and used as a Hollywood set, and is on the National Register of Historical Places. Karen Kingsley writes in her book, Buildings of Louisiana,…“Bocage, the most original interpretations of American Greek Revival style in the nation.”

39050 LA Highway 942
Darrow (Burnside), LA 70725
Mailing Address:  Dr. Marion Rundell
P.O. Box 58744
Houston, Texas 77258
Phone: 225-588-8000 or 225-588-9000

Drive by only


Ashland-Belle Helene

ashlandThis stately home built in 1841 exemplifies the massive simplicity and dignity of the classic revival architecture. Ashland has served as authentic location for several well-known motion picture including Clark Gable’s “Band of Angels” and “A Long, Hot Summer” among others.

Phone: 225-621-6500
Contact: Shell Chemical

Drive By Only


Bittersweet Plantation

Bittersweet-PlantationThe 1859 plantations home is the home of Chef John Folse.

404 Claiborne St., Donaldsonville

Drive by only.




Hermitage Plantation

hermitageThe beauty and grace of the Old South are reborn again at Hermitage Plantation, Louisiana’s earliest known Greek revival mansion.




38308 Hwy 942 Darrow, LA 70725
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 339
Darrow, Louisiana 70725
Contact: Robert Judice
Phone: 225-473-1812


Drive By Only


Palo Alto Plantation


Palo Alto Plantation is a Louisiana historical landmark rich in history and architectural beauty. In 1977, the home was listed on the US Department of Interior National Register of Historic Places. This beautifully preserved old plantation home is south of Donaldsonville and is set on the bank of Bayou Lafourche.


Owner: Peter Lemann
Palo Alto Plantation
1515 Hwy 1 South
Donaldsonville, LA 70346
Phone:(225) 337-2283
Admission:  Daily Tours





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